GIZ has made a donation of 805,000 kwacha to Masks for all Malawi

Help us deliver a mask to every single Malawian!

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$5 = 25 masks for Malawi

Leading health experts agree that cloth masks help prevent the spread of COVID 19

Working with over 15,000 local producers, we’ve already produced millions of masks in Malawi, which are distributed free of charge.

With your help, we can provide a mask to each and every Malawian

Malawi needs your support

Countries which have successfully contained COVID-19 outbreaks have close-to universal mask coverage.

Mask requirements help prevent a lockdown, protecting jobs and helping those who live hand-to-mouth get enough to eat.

By moving quickly, we can protect the economy, save lives, and stop the spread.

Masks for Malawi, by Malawi.

We employee local tailors to manufacture high quality masks—a potentially lifesaving line of defense as the pandemic inches closer and closer.

We’ve made close to 5 million masks and counting. With your help, we can protect everyone.

help us reach our goal! Together, we can.

supporting partners:

The Mission of the Ministry of Health and Population is to provide strategic leadership for the delivery of a comprehensive range of quality, accessible, and efficient health services to all Malawians through the creation and sustenance of a strong health system.
The Ministry of National Defence is mandated to provide policy direction, guidance and oversight on all matters of national defence.
The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services is mandated to provide quality services to the general public in areas of border control, issuance of travel documents, residential and work permits, Visas and Citizenship to eligible persons.


GIZ is one of the world’s largest development agencies, with a business volume in excess of €2.4 billion in 2016 as well as 19,506 employees spread over more than 120 countries. For more information, please click here.

Our activities align with our strategic focus; working with others to establish the infrastructure for a sustainable, equitable and joyous world. 

Provides help for vulnerable children and communities in the poorest regions of the world, without discrimination of gender, race or religion.

Hestian has reached over 3 million Malawians with improved cookstoves to alleviate lung disease and deforestation.

Sunfire is a stove implementer and promoter of solar powered products in Malawi.

Food and Fuel advocates for the sustainable utilization of solid biomass as food and/or fuel in appropriate end-user devices for different household energy needs.
The Gift Trust is a New Zealand charity that helps people who want to make larger donations to charitable causes to do so more effectively.
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